Wedding Gown Alteration: The Search for the Right Sewing Professional

Your wedding day is fast approaching. Everything is almost set except your wedding gown. Your gown may be too big or has designs you want to alter. Whether you got a wedding dress from your mom, a thrift shop, or your favorite online wedding gown shop, it’s essential to ensure that it fits you just the way you want it to. After all, it’s your big day and you want to look at your very best. So, what are you going to do now?

Don’t fret! There are sewing professionals who are experts at wedding gown alterations. They basically alter wedding dresses according to the exact measurements and specifications of the bride.

Hiring a professional to alter your wedding dress is very essential. For instance, if the gown you have right now doesn’t fit your perfectly, then you need someone to sew and alter it according to your exact size. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable and beautiful wearing your dress.

If you purchase a wedding gown from a nearby boutique, they can help you alter it. But, there are some instances when the tailor isn’t around. So, you need to look for another sewing professional who can do the alteration quickly and properly.

Before you go to a certain shop for alterations, it is essential that you first conduct your research. There are actually steps that you need to do before you can confidently bring your dress to an alteration shop.


Never get tired of reading reviews. It’s always good to hear what other brides have to say about their own experiences. This is to help you avoid nightmare. When you pick the wrong person for the alteration work, then your gown might no longer be repaired. This would simply mean that you’ll end up with a ruined wedding gown. So, you need to look for another gown which will just add up to your stress and expenses. Why wait for this horrible thing to happen? To avoid this, you should simply read reviews. Visit the site of the seamstress. You can sure see testimonials from previous clients. Knowing others experiences help you decide if he or she is a good option or not.


You can search online for experienced seamstress around your place. It is ideal to pick one that has a good years of experience, mainly in altering wedding dress. Aside from making your research online, other people can also give you a hint. They can recommend to you names of seamstress who are great. Regardless, it is essential to pick a local seamstress. This helps you save a lot of time and money.


Before you finally decide which seamstress to hire for your wedding dress alteration, you need to conduct an interview. Prepare a list of questions. Basically, you need to ask them about their experience, how fast they finish the alterations, the rate of services, delivery of the dress, and many more. A good seamstress is so much willing to answer all of your questions.

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